Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Another contest!!

I didn't make it into the final round of One on One, but in my asking around about it, I heard about #Pitmad.

I've read agents' blogs who don't like these Twitter pitch contests and I've read those who do -- and, as with everything in life, there are good reasons to Tweet or not to Tweet. (Sorry, couldn't help it).

I've decided to go ahead and try, largely because of the amazing support and critique opportunities that come along with it.

If you're wavering, or if you have pitches you'd like to test on other writers for helpful feedback, THIS:


I've already had some valuable feedback about my pitches from "workshopping" my original efforts.

The other reason I decided to try #pitmad is this: it's good for me.

For those (few) of you who haven't yet, try generating a 140-character pitch for your WiP anyway. The practice forces you to distill for yourself the most basic elements of your story, theme, conflict, and plot - a very healthy, if bracing, exercise. Among the benefits? Perhaps a new approach to your query letter, a new understanding of your own work, and a new perspective that might bring on a fresh round of edits. (I know, no one likes edits - but, to keep with the healthy exercise metaphor, no pain no gain, right??????)

Another extremely helpful link for those struggling to write a pitch:


Good luck, everyone! And be brilliant. :)



  1. Did you get any bites? Don't despair if you didn't! I found it different than #pitchmas, what was being subbed...and different agents too. But that's a good thing! Mark your calendar for March for another pitch contest that's similar...and I hope you're doing Sun vs. Snow. Good luck.

  2. Hi Sidney, no, no bites. :(
    But I'm still really glad I did it, for all the reasons I blogged about. I am doing Sun vs Snow - maybe see you there! Good luck to you too.