Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Be Nice

Did you guys sees this?


Ugh. Seriously?

First off, I've been fortunate - the people I know in this amazing writing community are all professional and polite.

But every now and then I see agents online saying things like this, from Julia Weber of j. a. weber literaturagentur in Germany:

And I think, really?

And then I think, yah, I guess those people are out there. People who either didn't ever learn what professional behavior looks like or people who let their emotions get ahead of their rational responses.
People who send hate mail or do creepy calling after a rejection, plus the people Ms. Weber is talking about, the ones who ignore the polite requests NOT to call instead of sending a query.

What exactly do they think they'll get in response to their tirades or complaints?

I mean, this? "Oh, that writer was so awful/creepy/weird to me, I think I'll  take him or her on as a client! That kind of behavior surely motivates brilliant writing."


So even though you all - my readers - are cool people and don't do these things, I have to rant because - argh. The whole thing about one bad apple, you know?

I wanted to say to Ms. Weber, there are so many of us out here toiling at our WiP's and excited for the day we can follow your sub guidelines to show you our work in the hope that we can build a career together.

I'm sure she knows that. But I felt bad for her anyway.

Yes. It's completely humiliating to get rejections, especially lots of them. And as many times as people say it's a subjective business, and you  know it's not personal, you still want to cry and feel like the worst writer in the world. But take it out on the agent?  Please. Don't.

This, in my opinion, is a better coping strategy.

Did anyone else see these posts from Julia Weber? What did you think? 
What other coping strategies do you have for your rejections?


  1. Woah, that is so sad that those types of things happen. With all the rejection we need to lift one another up not bring each other down. I wanted to thank you again for all your help with my pitch. I was in a location without my computer and unable to get a comment to show up on your blog to show my thanks sooner but I am so grateful for all the time you took in helping me. My pitch is SOOO much better thanks to you :)

  2. I'm so glad it helped! Thanks for being part of it. And if you're doing #PitchMadness or the following Twitter Pitch party, good luck!!

  3. There are always people like this, for so,e crazy reason. But I think agents know it well enough that not all writers are like this. Otherwise, they'd never be open to queries!

    1. Very true, SC Author! And obviously the Tweets are meant in some way to be funny as much as they are a tension release from being the target of such crazypants.