Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Book Club for Kids

I have been wanting to start a book club for my 8-year-old son for ages. He's an advanced reader and has long outgrown the public-library-sponsored book clubs. So I finally asked him if he was interested.

Yes! Yay!

We're keeping it small - just two other boys - and have decided to start with the delightful THE STRANGE CASE OF ORIGAMI YODA, by Tom Angleberger. We've read the whole series already and are charmed completely, plus - the origami!!

I can't wait. My goal is to lead the boys through a short, 8-year-old sized discussion of the book, and then have them do an origami craft.

Yoda, of course.

Then, because this is what you do, we'll have a snack. And then swim.

The boys are pretty high energy, so I will have to keep things interesting and move along at a pretty good clip in order to keep them.

The other boys will get to choose books for future meetings of course; we'll rotate. They decided on their own they want to meet every two weeks - woohoo!!

I think when it comes back to us, we'll choose Stephan Pastis's TIMMY FAILURE - MISTAKES WERE MADE. Very, very, funny book.

Have any of you ever run a book club for young boys? Any suggestions - books, agenda, technique?

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